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Investigators, prosecutors, and evidence room technicians can now work together and increase efficiency throughout their entire jurisdiction with regard to managing cases. With EvidenceOnQ, you can securely view, track, manage, request, and share evidence and all associated documents, images, audio, and more with a few clicks of the mouse.


Court Scene Evidence


Today's television shows about cold cases, crime scene investigations, and forensics have caused an increase in the public's expectations for evidence management. As a result, law enforcement agencies have a pressing need to implement solutions that ensure the security and integrity of evidence from the initial crime scene to the courtroom. With EvidenceOnQ, prosecutors and district attorneys can streamline case management and trial preparation with the ability to manage evidence, attach and view documents, request items from the property room, and more. This provides a tremendous number of benefits for all involved— investigators, prosecutors, courts, and the public. Authorized personnel can work as a team from initial intake to storage, through the prosecution stage, and finally to disposition or long-term retention. 


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Customer Quotes

"We previously dedicated four people to process the incoming evidence. It took them about seven hours each day. Three weeks after installing EvidenceOnQ, it was reduced to two people spending about 90 minutes." Darrell Allen, Supervisor, San Antonio PD, TX