A Complete Digital Media Solution

A fully dedicated video and image evidence management solution.
Our solution streamlines and enhances an organization’s ability to import, store, view and manage digital evidence from body worn cameras and any electronic source. Providing users an complete and secure solution to manage and view all their digital evidence in one place.

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If you currently are managing/storing images on CD or DVD or even on a local or remote hard drive, or if you are looking to implement or are needing a total solution for your body-worn camera data, then DigitalOnQ is the perfect solution. It can eliminate the liability and time associated with storing files on physical disks, prevent and track photo tampering and editing, allow you to quickly see all meta data, all while being fully integrated with evidenceOnQ and more.

This fully SWGIT compliant solution allows you quickly view hundreds, even thousands of media files quickly, select the ones you need to review or share for trial preparation and more.

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"We were able to move approximately 1.4 million pieces of property in three weeks with complete records of each step." Evidence Supervisor Darrell Allen, San Antonio PD, TX