ChainOfCustodyUnalterable Chain of Custody

100% integrity built-in for peace of mind. For each item logged into the system, EvidenceOnQ automatically creates, stores, and updates a complete and unalterable audit trail. Secure and easily configurable reports, audit tools, and more are available with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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EasyEntryOne Screen - Easy to Use

Built by former law enforcment to streamline and save time. Our powerful and automated one-page evidence entry screen makes capturing and entering evidence a quick and easy process.

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Inventory AuditsInventory & Audits

Track it, Find it, and More. Now you can easily perform inventories and audits on a regular basis, with our powerful and easy to use audit inventory features. No more having to wait months or even years to complete an inventory, and no need to fear an audit.

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eDocseDocs - Electronic Documents

Accessed and managed from anywhere. Electronic documents—such as and Word, excel or PDF documents—can be stored, viewed, and managed with ease, providing powerful tools for investigators, DA's offices, and others to access everything form one place

Need access to digital evidence in a case? Check out DigitalOnQ for all your video and image management needs. This fully dedicated video & image evidence management solution will provide powerful and integrated capabilities.

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searchingUnlimited & User-Tailorable Searches

Find it your way quickly and easily. Virtually every field in your system is searchable. With very little information, you can easily find an item, case, or person.


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WorklistsLargeBannerWorklists - Pickup Where You Left Off

The items you need at your fingertips. A Worklist is a collection of items you are working with that have a common purpose—property to be auctioned, inventory items, letters to be sent, items to be destroyed, and much more.

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"EvidenceOnQ is the most user-friendly system we have seen." Sgt.Tommy Clamp Anderson Cnty Sheriff, SC

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