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Active Directory users can now have access to EvidenceOnQ using their Windows login. No additional logins required! pdfDownload PDF





Active Directory (AD) Integration provides AD-based authentication and authorization facilities within the FileOnQ suite of applications. Administrators can authorize groups of users for application access, and grant specific roles and permissions within applications. AD Integration can be configured to either automatically authenticate the current domain user or to always prompt for credentials. This can be useful on shared common-area computers, or when security policies require it.

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"We previously dedicated four people to process the incoming evidence. It took them about seven hours each day. Three weeks after installing EvidenceOnQ, it was reduced to two people spending about 90 minutes." Darrell Allen, Supervisor, San Antonio PD, TX

Integration Partners

We believe in the power of partnership and we currently have a number of companies helping us to provide a unified solutions for their users.

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