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Barcode tracking is a proven and superior method for recording and tracking the movement of your evidence, assets, documents, personnel, and much more.



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You can manage just about anything—evidence, equipment, records, boxes, documents, people, and locations—using barcodes. Barcodes provide quick, keyless, and error-free retrieval and transfer capability to the user. They also enable our Document Imaging module to automatically index and store scanned documents. Our solution supports both attached and portable barcode scanners and PDAs to make data management more efficient and accurate.

One of the major benefits of barcoding is the time saving and accuracy it provides the end user. For example, barcoding allows users to easily check items in or out, scan their status, or transfer them from one location to another. A location can be a place, such as the central file room; a person, such as a manager; or a box or shelf.

"We previously dedicated four people to process the incoming evidence. It took them about seven hours each day. Three weeks after installing EvidenceOnQ, it was reduced to two people spending about 90 minutes."

Darrell Allen, Supervisor; San Antonio PD, TX

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"EvidenceOnQ gives our evidence personnel, staff, city and county departments much more capability than we have ever had before with regard to property and evidence." Rick Krueger, Lieutenant, Rochester PD, MN

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