Chain of Custody

100% Integrity Built-in
For each item logged into the system, EvidenceOnQ automatically creates, stores, and updates a complete and unalterable audit trail. Secure and easily configurable reports, audit tools, and more are available with just a few clicks of the mouse.



ChainOfCustody lowerOverview

EvidenceOnQ tracks the current location of an item, as well as every location the item has resided since it was collected. For every transfer or action applied to an item, initiated either with a barcode scanner or through any other transfer process, the system automatically records the date and time the item was moved, to whom or where, and by whom. This audit trail is 100% unalterable, providing a defensible chain of custody for every item entered, from crime scene to court room.

With the built-in reporting options and Inventory tools, users can instantly have an accurate accounting and statistic for any item in the system. Agencies and everyone involved can have complete confidence in their evidence at all times.

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"I have seen and used a lot of systems, but after using EvidenceOnQ, I am convinced it is the best system on the market today." Sr. Evidence Tech Robert Douglas, Visalia PD, CA

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