El Paso CountyCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO (Jan 7, 2014) –  Once a homicide investigator collects evidence at a crime scene, he is responsible for making sure that this evidence is brought to a property room and placed in a locker for processing. Because that evidence is instantly linked to a case, there is urgency in securing and preserving it. According to John San Agustin, inspector with the El Paso County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office, “The key thing here is that the chain of custody has to be place.” 

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MAJOR CITIES CHIEFS ASSOCIATIONSALT LAKE CITY, UT (Dec 10, 2013) –  Police chiefs of the country’s largest law enforcement agencies have both a responsibility and opportunity to ensure that evidence in their property room is tied to the tightest chain of custody possible. That’s the opinion of the Major Cities Chiefs Association Director Darrel Stephens.

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IACP LogoAlexandria, VA (Oct 7, 2013) – The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) plans to push for a more broad-brush look at evidence and how it’s managed, says John Firman, director of IACP’s Research Center. For instance, Firman asserts, “There is an over-reliance on  high-level technology like DNA,” adding that it is more crucial to look at other relevant aspects tied to evidence such as whether photos and lineups were handled properly. After all, Firman said, “What the eyewitness claims to be the suspect in a case by picking him out can also be viewed as evidence.”

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The EvidenceOnQ software was installed this summer at an East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Parish Clerk of Court after two evidence room employees were arrested in December 2012 for thefts of drugs and firearms, according to an August 22 story in The Advocate.Com.

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NIST DNA HandbookNational Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST (April 30, 2013) – The long awaited and newly released "The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook" is now available for download.

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Fort Lauderdale PDFort Lauderdale, FL (April 18, 2013) – The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Police Department has successfully installed the EvidenceOnQ evidence management system from FileOnQ, Inc., which will enable the evidence room to streamline tracking and management of its property and evidence--from the crime scene to the courtroom.

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