DataSharingData Sharing & Conversion

Your Data—Your Way! If you choose, our professional services team will work with you to import any data you already have. You can also import your own data into our system using our import utility—a drag-and-drop interface to link data fields from the Import record set to the EvidenceOnQ application data fields. Import designs can then be saved for later use. All business and data validation rules that are available during screen data entry are applied to imported data, helping to ensure its integrity.

 Data Conversion/Sharing for Third-Party Systems

The import process can be a one-time conversion of the data from an existing database or spreadsheet you already have in place. Imports can also be an on-going daily process for adding new or updating existing records within EvidenceOnQ from a third-party application for seamless integration. In addition, the import utility provides field data type validation, duplicated record validation, and data validation. To ensure data integrity, the import utility enforces the same data entry rules established by an application’s unique profile. Import routines can be run manually or as a scheduled background task.

Additional Professional Services

FileOnQ can assist your agency in setting up the import of your old data if you do not have sufficient IT support or resources. (It is the responsibility of your agency's IT division to perform the actual export and cleanup of the original records.) An estimate for data import can be provided and incorporated into your proposal.