Is your system hard to use?

Not at all. In fact, our system's ease-of-use is one of the features that our customers rave about. The single-screen entry, along with having all the fields and text on the screen that your own organization requires, makes the experience familiar and intuitive. Entering and capturing data is as easy as filling out any online form over the Internet. Also included are numerous time-saving tools such as batch update, cloning records, and more that will save hundreds of hours per year, if not more.

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Can we access our data with a web browser or over the Internet?

Yes, you can access, view, and manage your evidence, assets, fleet, crime scene, case exhibits, and more using the browser of your choice over any Internet or Intranet connection.

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Can we import our existing data?

Yes—if you have existing data from a previous system, we can easily import it into your new system. All that we need is your existing data in a tab-delimited file format and we will do the rest. We can also integrate with any existing systems you may have in place to provide seamless and real time, or on-demand data sharing between the two systems.

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Can you integrate with other applications, such as CAD/RMS systems?

Yes, we are committed to work with third-party entities to provide a seamless experience between their applications and FileOnQ™. We currently partner and work with a number of major systems by providing complete and seamless integration with FileOnQ solutions. These integrated solutions are not meant to replace current RMS systems but rather enhance them by delivering the best solution to fit the customer's needs.

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Can we attach documents?

Absolutely! This is a very powerful feature for not only the property and evidence staff but for investigators, prosecutors, and district attorneys. This helps them prepare for cases, view exhibits, and see all associate files such as images, documents, or videos that are tied to a case or piece of evidence. This can all be done from an office, the courtroom, or the crime scene. Hundreds of man-hours per year are saved, and all departments and units have access to the shared data instantly.

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Can we use your system to manage more than evidence?

Yes, you can manage just about anything. Many agencies use our system to manage assets, personnel documents, fleet, quartermaster, and even critical incidents. There is no limit to what our system can track and manage. One system...Multiple solutions.


Can we run reports easily?

Yes, our system is capable of generating essentially any report you need. These reports can be customized with the look and feel you want, and can be accessed and run with a few clicks of the mouse. Here are just few examples: Property Report, Property Release, Inventory Report, Owner Notification Letter, Chain of Custody Report, Transfer Receipt, Dispo Review Report, and many more.

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Can we modify the data shown on screens?

Yes, The home (profile) screen is completely customized to your specifications with your fields, pick lists, and text. You can also make changes to this screen at any time using the built-in profiler tool included in every installation.

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How secure is our data with your system?

We believe that your data is always "your" data and will not be held captive by some proprietary system. Also, we use the most up-to-date security and encryption protocols to ensure your data is secure. Streamlined technology allows remote synchronization of the transactions to your EvidenceOnQ/FileOnQ database.

FileOnQ™ is built on the Microsoft Operating System platform, using proven methods and technologies. Our solution's multi-tier nature allows for single-server implementations in smaller environments, reducing cost and administrative effort. However, this architecture provides a solution that can scale to different environments as needed. In larger environments, our system's components can be distributed onto several servers that share the load to improve performance.


How much does your system cost?

The best part about the FileOnQ™ platform is that it is totally customizable from the smallest organization to the largest. Some customers require simple basic view functions, and others need multi-server, multi-WAN, multi-location, in-car, or multiple location features. Because there are so many options and needs that we cater to, there is no simple way to accurately represent our product through a standard price structure.

We find the best approach with our customers is one where we can spend some time with them to clearly identify their organization's needs. This can be done online, over the phone, or even in person. We take the time to get to know you, answer your questions, and provide you the best possible experience.

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