• EvidenceDemo

    Two Minute Overview

    A complete evidence solution for all stake holders...

    Check out the short video on the right to get a quick look at what we do.

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  • WebView

    Browser Based

    Easily Manage Everything Online

    Agencies and organizations can easily access, view, and manage evidence, assets, documents, and more using the browser of their choice.

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  • customizable profiler

    Power to Customize

    Putting YOU in the Driver's Seat

    As an OnQ user you have complete control of what you want on your Profile (home) screen, reports, barcode labels and more.

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  • Custom reports

    Reports -
    Your Way

    Unlimited Reporting Options

    We go beyond the standard reports of other evidence management systems by giving you the power to generate any report in the exact format required.

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  • integration


    The Best of Both Worlds

    Streamline and enhance your evidence management capabilities by enabling seamless data sharing between EvidenceOnQ and third-party systems. Case Study

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  • MobileOnQ

    PDA Mobility

    The Power to Be Mobile

    You can easily transfer and release property, capture signatures, and perform audits or inventories from the palm of your hand. No wires needed!

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    Case Studies

    Discover Real-World Benefits For Law Enforcement

    The following case-studies are just a small sample of how a variety of stake holders are seeing real world measurable benefits after adopting EvidenceOnQ.

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Evidence Tracking Solutions

Property Evidence icon

Evidence Integrity...

 Customizable evidence management from crime scene to court room. A complete evidence software solution.

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Critical Incident Solutions

Critical Incident icon

Take Control of the Crime Scene...

Manage people, assets and log evidence for on scene emergency management.

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Quartermaster / Assets Solutions

Quartermaster asset icon

Beyond the Property Room...

Easily track everything from uniforms, vests, weapons and radios to managing your fleet.

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Case Management Solutions

Court Records icon

Investigation & Prosecution Tools

Easily access and view evidence, documents and more for case and trial preperation.

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Lims evidence integration

Officer-com logo

While the property room in a police department is usually the sole overseer of evidence, the forensic lab—located either inside or outside of the department—shares this responsibility, too. The lab performs testing and analysis of evidence, and then documents findings. Without the ability to automate its operations, a forensic lab can quickly become overwhelmed and backlogs of evidence can balloon. Most lab testing is time-sensitive since so much evidence is tied to pending court cases. For these cases, the software’s ability to generate reports on the results of evidence testing is critical.

See how agencies are overcoming the stuggles related to when evidence goes to lab and are finding significant benefits from integrating thier evidence and LIMS systems.

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Customer case studies

EvidenceOnQ in the News

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