Electronic media— accessed and managed from anywhere
Electronic documents—such as digital images, audio/video files, and Word or PDF documents—can be stored, viewed, and managed with ease, providing powerful tools for investigators, DA's offices, and others.

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eDocs™ is an optional module that greatly enhances the capabilities of EvidenceOnQ by allowing agencies to attach electronic documents of any type that are associated with evidence or any other record that the system maintains, such as quartermaster items, personnel records, assets and more. Some examples of electronic documents to be managed by eDocs include crime scene photos, 911 recordings, taped statements, video files, and PDF documents. You can also scan physical documents—court orders, lab reports, signed releases, driver's licenses—and store the electronic files in eDocs.

Using eDocs reduces paperwork and provides time-savings benefits for investigators and prosecutors, who can now—from the comfort of their desks—easily access required documents. Trial preparation and case management is more efficient for everyone involved.

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"I have seen and used a lot of systems, but after using EvidenceOnQ, I am convinced it is the best system on the market today." Sr. Evidence Tech Robert Douglas, Visalia PD, CA