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Streamlined, single-screen entry

Our powerful and automated one-page evidence entry screen makes capturing and entering evidence a quick and easy process.





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Our customers rave about our system's flexibility, open architecture, and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). These features enable our system to work intuitively around your work-process requirements and established procedures for managing items, records, documents, and much more.

For example—One of the features our customers particularly appreciate is the single-screen entry. This eliminates the frustration of having to go to multiple screens to enter evidence. Your Profile (home) screen is customized with the fields and verbiage your department requires. EvidenceOnQ has so many easy-to-use features that our customers are often surprised by how much they can do with very little effort—such as printing reports, printing barcode labels, performing searches, and much more. 

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Customer Quotes

"We previously dedicated four people to process the incoming evidence. It took them about seven hours each day. Three weeks after installing EvidenceOnQ, it was reduced to two people spending about 90 minutes." Darrell Allen, Supervisor, San Antonio PD, TX